Hi all! I'd like to share a little bit about my background so you can see where I come from… After dancing around the house as a child, my mom found a jazz tap ballet studio to put me in. After a few years I began an apprenticeship and thats what sparked my love to teach!
I have found a love for ballroom dance because of the variety of dances to choose from, the health benefits it produces, and the fact that anyone can dance it! If you can walk, you can dance! I'm hoping I can share my passion with you whether it be for a wedding, a work function, or a party you put together! You come up with the idea, we can make it work :-) I'd love to hear from you with any questions you may have. Happy dancing!

- Earned a dance scholarship
- 1st place in collegiate competition NDCA (National Dance Council of America)
- 2001 Began ballroom dancing/teaching
- 2008 NCDA ballroom competition
- 2015 Yoga Alliance Yoga certification
- 2018 Pro am Ballroom competition- 1st place
- 2018 West Coast Competition 1st place Novice Strictly
- 2019 1st place in West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

instructor & boss lady

About Katie

I still really enjoy competing in dance around the area.  Enjoy this video of a recent competition. 

Check out the dance video

- Low impact exercise
- Heart healthy
- Confidence building
- New hobby
- Meet new people
- Increase your skills for weddings or in your travels

Benefits to dancing

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Nestled in a local neighborhood in Lawrence, KS.  The main dance studio is an easy walk from downtown.  Perfect for a date night to take a dance lesson and go grab dinner afterwards at the local brewery next door.   The studio is the best size to allow for one on one focus and attention. 

The studio is large enough for small groups and we can practice routine dances for those wanting to learn.  

Parking is located in the parking lot in front of the studio or along the street in the neighborhood.