I currently do not offer group classes instead, although, if there is a group of friends that you would like to get together, we will make it happen!

Do you offer group classes?

This varies for every individual and what your goals, experience, time availability, comprehension, practice time and finances.

How many lessons should be taken per week?

I teach at a variety of studios and some days there’s no one on the floor, other days there are a few other couples learning as well. No worries, We all have been in your shoes being brand new to dance. A lot of times, dancers are introduced to each other, you may even meet a new friend :-)

Does a private lesson mean there will be nobody else on the dance floor but us?

In a private lesson you will receive undivided attention by me and the lessons will be catered to you and move along at your personal pace. 

What is a private lesson entail?

There’s no need for a partner, I am trained in both the lead and the follow in all dances.

Do I need a partner?

Clothes you can move freely in and shoes that will slide along the floor.

What should I wear for my lessons?

There are a variety of places around the Kansas City, Lawrence area to utilize what you learn. Not to mention if you go on any trips, cruises, weddings… Even work functions sometimes provide a venue to use your dancing!

Where will I use the dancing that I learn?

I suggest starting with East Coast swing and West Coast swing, rumba, and waltz. Those are basic dances that get you ready for the more advanced dancing.

What dances should I learn as a beginner?

 I do minimal competition, but I am involved with a little bit of country competition as well as Ballroom and West Coast swing. I’d be happy to get you started in those areas. I work with in the circuit in the mid west area. It usually involves a full weekend and sometimes Thursdays as well.

do you have competitive dancing?